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Clinical Supervisor Position

As a service provider, a Clinical Supervisor consults, provides support and training to caregivers, conducts behavioral assessments for children with ASD or other developmental disabilities, and directs and/or provides the development and implementation of treatment plans for clients that they are servicing. A Clinical Supervisor provides supervisory oversight to a Behavior Technician/staff member and Interms.


  • Independently completes intake, assessment, and develops individualized treatment plans based on assessment results and collaboration with parents

  • Develops individualized instructional programming using evidence-based strategies and provides quality materials for clients

  • Considers cultural background and needs of client and families when designing treatment interventions and materials

  • Identifies behavior goals and intervention techniques utilizing positive, non-aversive behavior change methods

  • Conducts functional behavior assessments to accurately identify the function of challenging behavior and to identify replacement behaviors to target.

  • Develops individualized Behavior Improvement Plans for clients as needed and provides training for all stakeholders

  • Develops strong collaborative relationships and trains families, caregivers, and school staff to implement effective techniques across all environments, promoting progress and generalization.

  • Conducts regular parent support sessions with families and provides instruction on parent training goals and emergent needs

  • Provides ongoing supervision and provides behavior skills training to behavior technicians, ensuring treatment integrity and supporting professional growth of technicians.

  • Collaborates with other Clinical Supervisors to develop written feedback and conduct performance reviews for behavior technicians working with clients

  • Conducts RBT Initial Competency Assessments and RBT Renewal Competency Assessments

  • Understands insurance requirements and appropriately utilizes ABA billing codes (97151-97156)

  • Completes treatment plans and other paperwork within the required time frames

  • Obtains insurance authorizations in a timely manner and follows the individualized procedures for different insurance companies. Meets insurance requirements for updated forms and signatures

  • Performs other duties as assigned/necessary


  • Uses Central Reach billing and LEARN software

  • Enters billable and nonbillable appointments accurately in Central Reach and converts them within 48 hours of service. 

  • Maintains an accurate schedule in Central Reach for a 2-week period.

  • Maintains agreed upon minimum billable hours requirement (for salaried staff)

  • Uses LEARN to create client notebooks, treatment plans, session sheets, programs, and sets and updates them with modifications in a timely manner.


Supervision of Interns

  • Provides supervision and feedback during direct care 

  • Provides unrestricted work assignments with written and verbal feedback 

  • Meets 1:1 with Supervisees twice monthly to discuss performance, Trainee concerns, progress in mastering Task List items, and planning for professional development

  • Maintains high ethical standards and directly teaches BACB ethics code

  • Reviews hours trackers and signs paperwork to meet BACB requirements

  • Reviews BACB task list with Supervisees and provides guidance for studying for BCBA exam


Professional Development

  • Completes Continuing Education Units every 2 years as required by the BACB. 

  • Meets requirements to supervise staff according to BACB© guidelines

  • Completes trainings for procedures identified as priorities by APPLE Leadership

  • Attends Clinical Supervisor meetings led by company leadership

  • Maintains knowledge of ongoing research

  • Participates in self-evaluation, accepts feedback, and makes changes appropriately

  • Knows personal and professional limitations


  • Assists in the representation of the Company in community events and marketing opportunities.

  • Provides assistance to co-workers, particularly when possess an area of specialization/experience

  • Maintains professionalism (clothes, demeanor, written and spoken communication) according to policy and best practices

  • Maintains ethics set forth by company, BACB, DOH and other applicable regulatory sources

  • Maintains confidentiality of client and company information according to company policy


Required Qualifications

  • Active Washington State Department of Health Licensed Behavior Analyst credential in good standing.

  • Current Board Certified Behavior Analyst certificate in good standing that meets BACB guidelines

  • Adheres to BACB Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts (available at (NOTE:  All Clinical Supervisors must report to the Company within 15 days regarding sanctions issued by the BACB for violation of published disciplinary standards (available at

  • Experience in an applied setting providing ABA services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • Passes all criminal background checks which shall include Federal Criminal, State Criminal, County Criminal and Sex Offender reports for the state and county in which the providers are currently working and residing.

  • Passes the PPD or chest x-ray.

  • Communicates effectively orally and in writing

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Reliable personal transportation.

  • For salaried employees: maintains minimum required billable hours as determined with the executive director annually.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Has completed 8 hour Supervisory training as required by the BACB to supervise RBTs and BCBA candidates.

  • Experience providing supervision of behavior analytic programs and treatment plans as implemented by an ABA therapist or other paraprofessional.

  • Current CPR certification in accordance company CPR standards.

  • Experience providing parent support services.

  • Experience coordinating and collaborating with other professionals who provide behavior analysis services

  • Experience providing applied behavior analysis services in a consultative role.

  • 1 year of experience in an applied setting providing ABA services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

Let’s Work Together

To Apply For This Position, Please Send the Following to

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • 3 Professional References (Emails & Phone Numbers) 

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