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Haley Pemble

Clinical Supervisor

Haley began her educational career focused on getting a PhD in genetics in the hopes to one day become a researcher and professor in the field. While at Washington State University she switched her profession but still maintained in the genetics field, wanting to pursue a career in Genetic Counseling. After graduating with a Bachelors in Genetics and Cellular Biology with a Minor in Genetic Counseling focused on Psychology, she set out to diversify her resume with counseling work as Masters programs for Genetic Counseling required intensive backgrounds in psychology based careers to get in.

This is the moment that she stumbled upon Applied Behavioral Analysis direct intervention, as many before her have done as well. She applied for a job and has since been in the field for over a year. Within this time, Haley made the life decision to stop pursuing a Masters in Genetic Counseling but to obtain a Masters in Applied Behavioral Analysis which she is currently working towards. Haley has been with APPLE Consulting since September 2018 and is excitedly looking towards the future as she hopes to obtain her BCBA and use her love of genetics to contribute to this amazing field.

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