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Carolyn Hinnant

Clinical Supervisor

Carolyn received her B.S. In Special Education from the University of Illinois and taught junior high and high school students with moderate to severe disabilities with a focus on functional daily living skills and supported employment for 5 years. While taking graduate courses at the Ohio State University under Drs. Cooper, Heron, and Heward, Carolyn became interested in Applied Behavior Analysis as an evidence-­based method for teaching skills to people with disabilities, especially the necessity and methods for generalization of skills to home and community environments. After taking time off to raise her three children, she returned to the University of Washington to earn a Master's in Special Education with a focus on Applied Behavior Analysis in 2017. Now a BCBA, Carolyn has been working for APPLE Consulting since Summer 2016. She believes in a multi-­disciplinary team approach to helping clients and their families achieve their goals.

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