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School District Services

Allison Winger MEd., BCBA, LBA

Director of School District Services




We provide the

building blocks 

to ensure your school staff

sustain service delivery on their own


Since 2005, Dr. Apple and her team have served over 10 districts in Washington State, creating successful systems for school districts to deliver ABA services using their own staff.   


APPLE Consulting believes that  districts have the capacity to provide state-of-the-art ABA services to students with autism and other disabilities within their own ranks through partnerships with outside companies whose aim is to train staff to the point in which they are no longer needed, or only needed in the most limited of circumstances. 


Highlights of Services Provided:

  • Delivered dozens of professional development workshops in the areas of ABA and special education

  • Developed district “autism resource teams” consisting of key staff in a variety of disciplines to act as a proactive and responsive group to district needs

  • Successfully supported students with extremely high needs who were at risk for out of district placement

  • Consulted with IEP teams for students across the school-age span through transition

  • Provided technician level support

Children raising their hands in a classroom

Service Delivery Models



The BCBA provides support to IEP teams, school-provided technicians, teachers and other related staff.  BCBA can also provide direct support to the student as needed with the goal to transfer that support to school staff.



The BCBA along with Certified Behavior Technician(s) provide the services to the student and/or team. Services can include the training and transfer to district-hired technicians.


School BCBA Training:

The BCBA works to build capacity with  district hired BCBAs.  Training focuses on school-based policies and procedures    including providing FAPE within the context of IEPs.

Professional Development:

Presentation on a variety of topics related to autism, special education, BCBAs and applied behavior analysis.

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