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* all unsolicited & from past clients


* All testimonials from former clients and unsolicited

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"Allison Lowy Apple is one of the top providers in her field of work. We have worked with Allison for almost 4 years with our son who has autism. When Dr. Apple arrived on the scene, my then 4 year old son was having approximately 18 tantrums a day, not potty trained, had limited language and very little interest in the people around him. With her guidance over the past few years, he is now mainstreamed in a regular classroom. He rarely tantrums, his language has developed, he is social with those he knows well especially his little sister, and is POTTY TRAINED!


Our lives as parents have become joyful as we watch our son progress in ways that we never thought he would. To have Allison Lowy Apple and A.P.P.L.E. Consulting part of a child's program is a gift to your child for which you will forever be grateful.”

“The progress in my daughter since A.P.P.L.E. Consulting starting working with her has been PHENOMENAL. She is SO HAPPY and so positive and just is a radiant, happy little girl. I feel so hopeful, finally!!! And I finally feel happy as her mother since all of this happened and I felt all of my dreams for her explode. Thank you for everything you are doing to help her."

"It seems that all parents of a child, or children, on the autism spectrum have a similar story. Our journey, like so many other parents, began with the realization that our 2 year old was not developing in sync with his peers; his language was echolalic, he had obsessive/compulsive behavior, he had a multitude of sensory issues, and perhaps most troubling were the inconsolable tantrums he would have which constantly lead us to that dreaded "broken dream" that our first born child would not be normal.

At the time of our son's formal diagnosis, he was almost 3 years old, and we were expecting our third child.


The day testing was over at the evaluation center, I was networking on the phone with other mothers of children with autism. The first woman I talked to, and who quickly became and still is a dear friend of mine, gave me the name of Allison Lowy (now Allison Lowy Apple). All I wanted was the best person to help our precious son, and Allison's name came up time and again.

As I reflect on those early years, there are many specific moments that jump to my mind. One in particular, was opening the door to Allison. I was nervous, excited, and honored that this highly-acclaimed specialist was actually coming to our home from Washington to hopefully help our son. I couldn't pinpoint how Allison would be in person; she sounded so approachable and reassuring on the phone, and she had this impressive reputation. I was so interested to meet her. So, the door bell rang, and I opened the door. I will never forget my first impression of Allison. I was so taken back by her down-to-earth nature, and felt instant comfort as she introduced herself and smiled. My first words were, "you're Allison?" I thought the world of Allison instantly and felt an indescribable relief that she was here to help


This initial meeting was over six years ago, and my feelings of gratitude, awe, appreciation, and friendship has grown over the years. Allison, from the beginning, oversaw our son's "team" - a large team comprised of up to seven individuals. Supporting her stellar reputation, she was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, thorough, and approachable. It was always such an incredible relief for Allison to set things straight. I was always impressed with her confidence, for I knew there was no room or time for incompetence or hesitation when the clock was ticking against the fight with autism - every day counted. Allison kept things moving in the right direction.

There are qualities in Allison that are not reflected in her impressive resume or list of accomplishments: compassion, humor, sensitivity, unselfishness, and that genuine quality of caring which is so rare. Her sincere empathy was truly what kept me whole during the darkest period of my life, and it is a huge part of who she is. Allison was the recipient of many late night calls from a mom in tears looking for reassurance that our son would be a functional individual... will he ever be able to hold a job? Go to college? Have a relationship? Allison listened to me with great compassion, and her support was unwavering.

I remember praying and bargaining with God that I would do anything if only our son would be ok; those middle-of-the-night thoughts will never leave my memory. In writing this and reflecting on this journey, I realize how truly "normal" our son has become. He still goes to speech twice a week and is tutored after school twice a week by a wonderful tutor that Allison oversees. He has been main-streamed since kindergarten and is now a successful fourth grader who blends in with his peers, he loves soccer, and has many friends.


Most importantly, he is happy, and that's what a parent truly desires for a child. Are there still little situations that pop up? Yes, of course, but they are hardly different from our three other children. So, prayers were answered, and for this I will be forever grateful. Actually, the prayer was being answered the instant I opened the front door to Allison. She has made an indelible mark on our family and truly is the one largely responsible for our son's success. I will always hold a dear place in my heart for Allison who gave my son the biggest gift he could ever receive."

“We feel so fortunate to have Dr. Apple and her team working with our son. It has really made a difference in his school and home life.”

"Allison Lowy Apple has taken on a commitment to not only my son, but my family to ensure support and training to meet his needs academically, socially, functionally and emotionally at school. Allison sees the need as a whole system, meaning she is there to support the child as well as the family. The education system can be challenging but Allison builds a team rapport with the team and together formulates and executes successful plans to ensure that the child’s individual needs are being met. Her knowledge and vast experience with children on the spectrum are evident by the ideas and plans that are put in place.


We have now worked with Allison for 9 years benefiting from her efficient and effective programming to my son. When you apply effective practices and plans it’s seen in the happiness of the child, and my child has been described as “popular and well liked” that is something 9 years ago, when diagnosed I thought I would never hear in combination with the spectrum label. Thank Allison for everything!"

"When our son was first diagnosed with autism (at the late age of six) we had no early intervention program in place. Our son would have temper tantrums 3 to 4 times daily. Many of these tantrums would last anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes long. Also contributing to his behavior problems was an undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. It has been a blessing to our family to have Dr. Apple as our Behavioral Consultant. She quickly referred us to further diagnostic testing which confirmed the OCD diagnosis, as well as an ADHD diagnosis. What impresses us the most is her determination to work through our son's most troubling issues. When our son was constantly tracing and retracing his letters Dr. Apple gave him a set of rules and sat there until our son became compliant. Our son has many issues, but our family life is a little bit easier knowing that Dr. Apple is only a phone call away."

"I wanted to express, in writing my deep appreciation for the devotion, patience and professionalism that …A.P.P.L.E. Consulting has… displayed towards our family. .. Your agency has become more than just a "provider" to our family.

When we left our last provider, I as a mother, was at my whit’s end. I was in tears trying to find out what other options we had for our daughter. In the months prior to coming to A.P.P.L.E Consulting, my daughter had been regressing more and more into a non-verbal, self abusive child trapped in a box. From the first phone call I knew that A.P.P.L.E. was different. Not only did (our supervisor) call me back within hours of my leaving a message, she actually asked me how I was doing. For the first time in the year since my daughter was diagnosed, someone actually asked me how I was doing. (Our supervisor) talked to me like a human being, not a medical reference. She asked me about my daughter, not her diagnosis. (Our supervisor) asked me question after question about my daughter's interests, spirit and did so with compassion.

After that first meeting and we were able to talk again about scheduling, she didn't only respect my time and our schedule needs, but she asked me again how I was doing. She asked me about my daughter's school days and if her "Monkey Blanket" had left her side yet. She remembered the "Little things" that made my daughter who she is. She truly respected me and my opinion.

The first day we met with your tutor, she seemed to actually know what she was doing! She respected my daughter's boundaries, but was also able to work her way past my daughter's boundaries. She also made an effort to introduce herself to our other daughters and without coming across as frustrated or annoyed, was able to convey to our kids that she was there to get to know my daughter. After the first few sessions, my daughter came out of her shell more and more. She started to look forward to the tutor coming to play with her. She would smile and get really excited when she would see the car pull up. She gets even more excited when…the team is…coming to visit.


Over the past few months of working with A.P.P.L.E., I am beginning to get my daughter back. I see that sparkle in her eyes again. Her smile is more real and less strained. While yes, she does have her good days and bad days, she is becoming more and more of her unique self. As a parent, I know that I can email A.P.P.L.E. with questions or concerns and know that I will get answers and if nothing else, reassurance. A.P.P.L.E. doesn’t just look at my child as "just another case". They look at our family, at our daughter as a person. They have not only invested their time and effort into her, but pieces of themselves.


Today, my daughter looks at me and asks me… when a tutor is coming.. She looks forward to her time with A.P.P.L.E. My daughter feels secure enough to melt down in a session and knows that… no one is leaving her. That is a HUGE accomplishment in itself.


Dr. Apple, your agency and your providers are above and beyond the best that we have seen her in Washington. Your providers are dedicated, loving, professional and passionate about what they are doing. They make a difference in our family everyday whether it's with a session or just a small glimpse of progress. Your providers are giving me and my family our daughter back."

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