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The APPLE Difference

Expertly Trained Technicians

APPLE Consulting developed a state-of the-art training system for technicians that must be completed prior to providing intervention with your child on their own.  The system, developed by locally renowned behavior analysts, Drs. Allison Lowy Apple & Christopher Jones includes the following (in addition to the general 40-hour training most companies complete) trainings led by BCBAs:

  • 5 Hour Initial "In-House" training 

  • Two additional 2.5 hour trainings (one instructional & one didactic/with clients)

  • 3 Hours Required Observations of Experienced Certified Behavior Technician

To obtain competency as a Certified Behavior Technician through APPLE Consulting, one must:

  • Demonstrate basic foundational skills with a learner as measured by a BCBA

  • Pass a written examination on basic theory & application



Our Instructional Practices: Beyond "80% Correct"


A.P.P.L.E. Consulting embeds the Four Levels of Learning:

  • Acquisition

  • Fluency

  • Maintenance

  • Generalization

into every individualized program developed for your child. A child who learns and shows proficiency with skills across all learning stages possesses skills that are more functional in more settings and maintained for the long term.



Accountability Systems:


A.P.P.L.E. Consulting takes the issue of accountability very seriously. Our system of accountability is embedded in all levels of service from intake through all points of intervention. here are examples of pivotal point in our system of program monitoring:


Initial Assessment & Treatment Planning: 

  1. A variety of assessments available to cater to your child's individual needs

  2. Review of treatment plans by a senior level staff member prior to submission (Executive Director and/or Clinic Director)

  3. Inclusion of how care will be coordinated with your child's other providers and school in each treatment plan

  4. Parent review, feedback and signing of treatment plan

  5. Treatment plan review with technician(s) prior to starting services

  6. Individualized programs written for every goal on the treatment plan with specific methods laid out to best help your child learn

Ongoing Services: 

  1. Continuing training and education for all levels of staff

  2. Continuing inclusion of parent in ongoing treatment plan development (including signing off on plans)

  3. Supervision and review of your child's programming by senior level staff

  4. For clinic services - a BCBA always available 

  5. Ongoing data collection, analysis and changes made based on data in a timely manner

  6. Collaboration with your child's outside providers

Family Support Services:

In the interest of supporting our families, we offer “Family Support Services." These services focus on providing support and consultation to each of our families with questions regarding family issues including but not limited to:

  • Life span questions

  • Medical issues

  • Outside service questions (e.g., what may or may not be a good service for your child, questions about different service models, new services),

  • Refining your child’s schedule (e.g., which services provide your child with the best benefit vs. cost)

  • Access to senior level staff (leadership staff) in responding to your needs

and any other questions pertaining to your child and family’s overall health that is within our scope.

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