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Allison Lowy Apple PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, LMHC

Executive Director

Dr. Allison Lowy Apple has worked with children with autism and their families since 1994. Dr. Apple began her work in New York State in the early 90's under the supervision of Dr. Bridget Taylor PsyD, of the Alpine Learning Group, a renowned private school for children on the spectrum.

In 1996, Dr. Apple returned to her home town of Seattle and teamed with Dr. Stacey Shook to provide support to numerous children,families and school districts in the Seattle area.

In 1999, Dr. Apple entered the master's program in early childhood special education at the University of Washington (UW) where Dr. Ilene Schwartz served as her advisor. That same year, Dr. Apple and four colleagues developed and opened Northwest Behavioral Associates (NBA), a not-for-profit organization, serving children with autism using the principles of applied behavior analysis. At NBA, Dr. Apple served as Program Manager, Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Director.

As part of completion of her master's degree, Dr. Apple taught in "Project DATA (Developmentally Appropriate Treatment for Autism)" classroom at the UW's EEU (Experimental Education Unit) and received her special education teaching certificate.

In 2001, Dr. Apple entered the PhD program in special education with a primary emphasis in autism and applied behavior analysis and a secondary emphasis in psychology. Dr. Felix Billingsley served as her advisor. Dr. Apple also worked with Drs. Ilene Schwartz and Felice Orlich among many other prominent educators in the field.

During her PhD program, Dr. Apple participated in the development of the current UW special education master's program "with an emphasis in applied behavior analysis." Dr. Apple served as the official liaison at the University of Washington between the UW and the BACB© (Behavior Analyst Certification Board) regarding approved course sequences and practicum. In this role, Dr. Apple developed teaching courses in topics relating to behavior analysis for teachers and ethical issues in special education and served as a practicum supervisor for graduate students (through June 2012).

Upon completion of her PhD in 2005, Dr. Apple independently developed A.P.P.L.E. Consulting to address a specifically optimistic, inclusive and collaborative approach to services to include children and their families in the service model across home, school, and other community settings.

Currently, A.P.P.L.E. Consulting provides Applied Behavior Analysis services to support to children with autism and related disorders and their families. Dr. Apple continues to focus on the "wrap-around" approach to services to provide the best outcome for children and their families.

Dr. Apple is Level 4 credentialed in PFA/SBT.


Allison Lowy Apple PhD, BCBA-D, LBA, LMHC
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