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APPLE provides services in both public and private schools primarily in King & Snohomish Counties.  We serve children most often in public schools within school district contracts and we serve children in the private schools when allowed by insurance.  Our aim is to provide support that serves to facilitate student independence. 

Public Schools


Since its inception in 2005, APPLE Consulting has held public school contracts in the Pacific Northwest providing a variety of supports to our area schools.  Our aim is to facility capacity whenever possible within the public school's own staff to serve neurodiverse students using the most up-to-date evidence-based practices. 

Some highlights of our work over the years:

  • Delivered dozens of professional development workshops in the areas of ABA and special education

  • Developed district “autism resource teams” consisting of key staff in a variety of disciplines to act as a proactive and responsive group to district needs

  • Successfully supported students with extremely high needs who were at risk for out of district placement

  • Consulted with IEP teams for students across the school-age span through transition

  • Provided technician level support

Public School Service Models

1 / Full service

The BCBA along with Certified Behavior Technician(s) provide the services to the student and/or team. Services can include the training and transfer to district-hired technicians.

2 / Consultation/Training

The BCBA provides support to IEP teams, school-provided technicians, teachers and other related staff.  BCBA can also provide direct support to the student as needed with the goal to transfer that support to school staff.

3 / Professional development

Presentations on a variety of topics related to autism, special education, BCBAs and practical functional assessment/skill based treatment.

4 / school behavior analyst support

The BCBA works to build capacity with district hired BCBAs.  Training focuses on school-based policies and procedures    including providing FAPE/LRE within the context of IEPs.

Insurance Funded School Support

Depending upon your insurance benefits, sometimes insurance funding sources allow for services in preschools, daycares, and private schools.

It is important to note that when providing supports in these setting it still needs to be based upon the treatment plan written.  Insurance still requires a 1:1 support model and also most often doesn't allow support in academics unless a behavior related to "autism characteristics" is at issue (e.g., reducing ritualistic behaviors in within writing activities).

If you are interested in support services in school funded by your insurance company, please contact your insurance company directly for benefits details, or APPLE can help you to identify if this is an option as well.

Public school services funded by insurance may also be a possibility depending upon your school's policies and procedures regarding outside providers working in the school.

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